International Democracy Community is a project by Democracy International. It aims to create more opportunities for exchange, networking and cooperation for people working on direct democracy issues. Our goal is to inspire and nurture initiatives everywhere.

Democracy International

Democracy International is a Germany-based NGO working on the promotion of direct democracy and citizen participation worldwide. Its aim is to give citizens a real say in political decision-making by strengthening direct democracy at the national, European and global level. Democracy International advocates for more transparent and participatory policies, supports activists inter-nationally and organises opportunities to learn and exchange best practices.


Democracy International grew out of an international alliance of NGOs working towards more citizen participation in Europe. It was officially founded as an NGO in 2011 with the wider goal of fostering direct democracy all over the Globe. Democracy International is represented by an inter-national board, the headquarters are based in Cologne, Germany.

Democracy International is an independent membership organisation funded by fees and individual donations​.

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