In a nutshell

The Democracy Camp is your five-day-intercultural exchange on democracy, sustainability, intersectionality, Europe - and the interconnections between them. Join our community of 60 young people from 16 to 25 years of age from Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Austria and Ukraine.


What exactly does that mean?

From 31 July until 4 August 2024, we'll explore two guiding questions: What participation tools are available to me? And how can I use these tools to promote sustainability and inclusive societies?

Together we'll identify a wide variety of democratic best practices in sustainability, justice and shaping Europe. We'll expand our understanding of political levels from the city to the role of the EU. And we'll advance skills relevant for political participation and running successful projects in the future.


What activities will I engage in?

  • Planning meeting at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy from 15 to 18 May in Bucharest. 3 motivated participants who will also attend the Democracy Camp will join per country to finalise the programme and get inspired by the world’s biggest conference on direct and participatory democracy!
  • Digital kick-off at the end of June. Here we'll collect your ideas for topics, methods and anything else that's important to you. After all it's your Camp. And of course, you'll get to know each other and the eleven partner organisations from ten countries!
  • Democracy Camp from 31 July 2024 until 4 August 2024! Our base will be in Bucharest, the historical and beautiful capital of Romania, for the first day. In Bucharest, we'll embark on an excursion to the Romanian Parliament, the second biggest administrative building IN THE WORLD. We will also undertake a journey to the historical Kilometre 0 (Kilometrul 0) in University Square to learn about various uprisings against the former regime and to understand the transition towards democracy, as well as exploring the importance of upholding democratic values in our contemporary world.
  • On day 2, we’ll travel to Romania’s Youth Capital 2024, Ploiești. Here we'll enjoy activities like round tables on participation of young Europeans from different partner countries and the EU, workshops on different topics, such as diverse democratic initiatives, intersectionality, and skills crucial for effective political participation like campaigning or fundraising. Of course, we will discuss with local and EU activists and experts around democracy, sustainability, intersectionality, anti-corruption, and the future of Europe.
  • On Saturday evening it’s time to celebrate youth participation in our final Democracy Camp party!
  • After the Camp: We'll publish your ideas for improved youth participation and promising tools to foster sustainability, inclusive societies and Europe in an updated version of the 2023 Youth Democracy Handbook. We'll then send this handbook to decision-makers in Europe like the 705 Members of the European Parliament, to bridge the gap between the EU and young people.


How can I join?

Participation in the Democracy Camp is free of charge for all young people. The organisers will cover all costs, including your travel to and from Romania. Just send an email to Bohdan Zelinskyi at, and we'll contact you with further information!

There are only two criteria:

  • You are between 16 and 25 years of age
  • You feel comfortable enough to speak English for five days
  • If you're a minor, you'll need the signature of your parents (minors will always be accompanied). 

We want our Democracy Camp to include as many diverse voices as possible so we especially encourage you to register if you identify as part of a politically or otherwise marginalised group. Please let us know what you need to take part in the Camp so we can best accommodate you!