25 February 2020
ECI Day 2020 - Today and Beyond
  Brussels, BE Conference


At the beginning of the New Year, the European Citizens' Initiative took a new turn, proposing a simplified procedure and greater support for the organisers. Many new ECIs registered by the European Commission in 2019 are evidence of major societal change. Citizens and civil society are seizing the opportunity to use participatory means to have a say in political processes and they are not restricted by the calendar of elections when it comes to expressing their views. They act when they see cause for action and expect their representatives to interact and to respond while they are in power. ECI Day 2020 sets the very ambitious objective of analysing today's trends in a way that will enable us to picture the new digital democracies of tomorrow. Join the event to listen to the personal stories of the civil society representatives who have shaped the ECI as it is today and to discover the leading voices in the global debate about the future of democracy.


  • Caroline Vernaillen
    Global Manager PR & Community Building
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  • Daniela Vancic
    European Programme Manager
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European Economic and Social Committee
Rue Belliard 99
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