21 September 2021
Europe and Ukraine (online)
  Kyiv, UA Debate


The project “Europe” is far away from being completed. On a daily basis we question Europe, we debate and we negotiate: Where does Europe even start, and where does it end? What does it mean to be European? And what do we want for the Future of Europe? To complete the work in progress and ensure that it actually improves peoples’ livelihoods equally all across the continent, as many of us as possible need to take part in finding solutions - and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this last session. We will collect your ideas and visions for Europe's future in that field, publish them on the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe and also hand them over to European decision-makers.

Join the event (18.00 CEST) and discuss in your favorite breakout room about :

1) Ukraine en route to the EU: Citizens' Opinions and Hopes (in Ukrainian)
2) Towards a European Identity (in English)
3) European Citizens from East and West (in English)



    The event forms part of the Europe-wide and digital discussion project Ukrainian Vibes - European Public Sphere


  • Mikhail Pashkov
    Co-Director of Foreign Policy and International Security Programs at the Razumkov Center
  • Yvetta Delikatna
    Key Communication Expert of Association4U
  • Prof. Dr. Michael J. Wintle
    Emeritus Chair of Modern European History, University of Amsterdam
  • Nicolas de Santis
    Founder and President of "Brand EU"
  • Rune Holmgaard Andersen
    Editor of Magasinet Røst, Assistant lecturer at University of Roskilde
  • Martin Reuther
    Head of NGO Multicultural Ukraine


Ukrainian Vibes - European Public Sphere