11 August 2020
ONLINE: Citizen participation under a lockdown
  Cologne, DE Conference


Join us for our discussion series on Democracy in times of the Covid-19 crisis!

Countries around the world are facing an unprecedented challenge in dealing with the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The measures being put in place, while often timely and necessary, have real and sometimes unanticipated impacts on our democratic practices and processes.

Citizen participation processes around the world were delayed or suspended by lockdown measures. Experts on citizen participation join us for an interactive discussion.

We have been monitoring the measures that have been put in place and how they impact democracy in different countries. Through interviews and regular group calls, we have been discussing with democracy activists everywhere on the issues they experience, the problems they face and the opportunities they see for the future of democracy.


  • Karl-Heinz Lambertz
    Former President of the European Committee of the Regions, President of the Parliament for the German speaking community (Belgium)
  • Thorsten Sterk
    Campaigner for citizens' assemblies at Mehr Demokratie
  • Helen Turek
    Regional Lead, Europe, Open Government Partnership