25 February 2021
ONLINE: A voice for global citizens: Roadmap towards a World Citizens’ Initiative
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The coronavirus pandemic, climate change and many other challenges underline the fact that all people on this planet are connected to each other. As world citizens we are all in the same boat but we have no say at the United Nations (UN) as the most important arena of global politics. The Security Council decides on matters of international peace and security and the General Assembly makes recommendations, launches treaty negotiations or is engaged in international agenda-setting. The UN, however, is an exclusive club of appointed government diplomats. This is why Democracy International, Democracy Without Borders and Civicus have launched the We the Peoples campaign, calling for a World Citizens' Initiative.

Dr. James Organ and Dr. Ben Murphy of the University of Liverpool have analysed the feasibility and legal framework for a UN World Citizens' Initiative. In this webinar, they will lay out how a World Citizens' Initiative can be implemented.

Study: A Voice for Global Citizens