The global pandemic puts our human rights and participatory democracy under high pressure. While many executive decisions to limit our freedoms are timely and legitimate, others are clearly anti-democratic or at least highly problematic. In order to monitor the Corona-related impacts on democracy we invite you to become a #CoronaDemocracyReporter now.

You can help us by providing us with some information on the situation where you live. We are happy with any contribution to our platform, it is not necessary to provide us with a complete overview of all legal measures.

Before filling in this questionnaire, please have a look at the map to see if we already have information on your country. In case we do, please only send us updates or corrections to the information already present.

We have listed several categories to help you identify which measures are relevant or might have an impact on democracy. For each category, we have listed questions to help you decide how to summarize the measures taken in your country. These questions are meant as guidelines, it is not necessary to answer them if you do not have the information.


Some tips:

  • Please be brief in your description. Ideally you provide us with bullet points.
  • If you do not have information for one of the categories, you can leave it blank.
  • Please provide links to the sources for your information, these can be trusted news sources or legal texts.
  • You can have a look at an example here.
Are there rules in place to do with self-isolation, quarantine, lock-down? Have there been border regime changes? Are punishments for breaking the rules? Please also include when the rules will end or be re-evaluated.
Please add a link to the source of this information.
Were any elections, votes or citizens’ initiatives planned? Have they been postponed? Have new dates been announced? If they have not been postponed, are there digital alternatives? Is it possible to vote by mail?
Please add a link to the source of this information.
Do the measures have an effect on the work of civil society organisations? Do the measures taken protect the right of citizens to live free of discrimination? Are the laws in place inclusive or do the discriminate against certain groups? Is the right to a fair trial protected. Are courts in session? Is there a plan in place if they are not?
Please add a link to the source of this information.
Have digital tools been put in place to halt the spread of the virus? Are data being collected from citizens through these digital tools? Has informed consent been won from the citizens to obtain their data? Do citizens have the chance to opt out of these tools or are they obligatory? Has appropriate thought been given to the security of the data? Are the data shared with third parties (especially non-government actors)? Will the data collected be deleted after an appropriate timeframe? Are the data anonymous?
Please add a link to the source of this information.
Are provisions in place relating to the publication of information regarding the virus? Are “fake news” laws in place? Do these law use a clear definition of what fake news is? Are these rules limited in time? Are infractions punished, and if so by fines or by jail time?
Please add a link to the source of this information.
Has a state of emergency been declared? Has the government been given emergency powers? For how long? Who evaluates the state of emergency and after how much time? Are the emergency powers limited in thematic scope? Do they relate to specific public health measures? Under the state of emergency, can the government make lasting changes to the legal framework? Are there checks and balances in place?
Please add a link to the source of this information.
If you have access to the full law text, you can paste in the link here.
Is there anything else that is specific to your country’s situation, you would like to share?
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