Countries around the world are facing an unprecedented challenge in dealing with the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The measures being put in place, while often timely and necessary, have real and sometimes unanticipated impacts on our democratic practices and processes.

In the past months we have been monitoring how the measures that have been put in place impact democracy in different countries.

Through interviews and regular group calls, we have been discussing with democracy activists everywhere on the issues they experience, the problems they face and the opportunities they see for the future of democracy.

Using this information, we have identified several different categories of challenges and recommendations for democracy in times of a crisis. 

Using these categories, we are organising a series of webinars to discuss each of these specific challenges in more detail with experts and activists from everywhere. During these sessions we ask participants and speakers to help us identify specific challenges based on their experiences. Using this method, we can crowd-source lessons-learned from around the globe.

Afterwards, we will publish these webinars in full under each specific challenge, so that the discussion can continue here, online. We want to invite you to share challenges you have identified with us here as well.

If you want to contribute or participate in a webinar, let us know on

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