The 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy will take place in Mexico City from 1-4 March 2023. The Global Forum, a free and public event, is the world’s largest gathering devoted to issues of direct democracy and citizen participation.

Please use this form to send in your proposal for the Global Forum programme, both for presentations and for workshops focussing on today’s challenges to democracy, and offering better visions of the democratic future.

We are particularly interested in proposals concerning 1) the intersection of representative democracy and direct democracy and how these different processes can be integrated successfully, 2) the infrastructure for democracy and how we can best design public and independent institutions, digital tools, and NGOS that support citizen participation and build trust in democracy. You can read about the thematic focus we are aiming for in detail here.

We are open to proposals from anyone—scholars, election officials, journalists, activists, NGOs, governments of all levels, businesses, and everyday people.

The deadline has now passed, if you are planning to join us in Mexico City and want to make a contribution to the programme, please contact us on