Now We Will Be Heard!

Why are we not heard? On the local level in many parts of the world, citizens can use petitions, referendums and citizens' assemblies to influence political action. But so far, there is no way for citizens and civil society to influence politics on a global level.

The democratic deficit of the United Nations, the organisation central to global governance, is well-documented. Luckily there are numerous good ideas out there on how to ensure a more inclusive and democratic global governancy.

In our summer webinar series “Now we will be heard” we discussed four concrete proposals:

  • A UN World Citizens’ Initiative (UNWCI)
  • A UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)
  • A UN Civil Society Envoy (UNCSE)
  • Global Citizens’ Assemblies

On this page you can learn more on each proposal and review the webinars.

This webinar series was organised with the financial support of GLS Treuhand.