International Youth Association TIP
Direct democracy, Civil society, Digital democracy, Human Rights, Education and youth participation
  Batum i/Tbilisi , GE
Dear Colleagues, Our international youth association for Training and Inter-employment Programs (TIP) was founded in 2002. TIP is a non-for-profit, civil society organization that has been providing different free training programs for teens, students and young professionals in all (12) regions of Georgia. As you know, young people are the best informal ambassadors of own countries and cultures and greatest supporters of democratic development that we all need very, very much...



  • Our Association is one of the oldest SCO that is focused on youth policy in Georgia
  • New York
  • We assist young citizens of country not only in Georgia but also abroad
  • We assist young people not only in the process of mastering their professional skills but also in the process of finding better
  • TIP is open 24/7 for supporting young people in any case that we can
  • We support young people in the process of looking back for better analyse and moving forward for better future




TIP is a non-for-profit, civil society organization that was founded in 2002.

Our team has been providing training for different groups of teens, students and young professionals as so as the support them to participate in different educational and cultural programs and projects abroad. We annually organize summer and winter international youth camps in different regions of Georgia and only our organization is member of International Camping Fellowship (ICF) in Georgia. 



  • No Nature ! No Future !
    Dear Colleagues, During the last years ,with support of European Commission, we organize international conferences that are involved in the European Green Week. In this year it should be 3 day conference, but COVID 19 has changed our plans..