10 years of strengthening citizens’ voices in Latvia – what’s next for ManaBalss?

The ManaBalss platform celebrates its tenth anniversary and looks back on a decade of improving citizen participation in Latvia.

Thanks to the last 10 years of the Latvian platform ManaBalss, citizens have more leverage in Latvian decision-making. Over 42 citizens’ initiatives have become Latvian law and the platform has accumulated over 2.1 million votes, which is more than one for every Latvian inhabitant. Now they are expanding to different projects and have their sights on the European horizon. How has ManaBalss managed to bring together legislators and citizens while increasing the political power of the ordinary citizen?

What can European tools such as the European Citizens’ Initiative learn from the Latvian example?

Watch our interview with Didzis Melkis and Agija Rumpe to find out.