We are now accepting proposals for the 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.


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Dear friends of democracy,

We are opening a call for proposals for workshops or academic presentations for the 2023 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, taking place March 1-4 in Mexico City.

The Global Forum, a free and public event, is the world’s largest gathering devoted to issues of direct democracy and citizen participation. And this is our most ambitious and accelerated Global Forum yet—we moved this event up to March from October because of the urgency of the democracy crisis in the Americas and around the world.

We seek timely and thoughtful proposals—both for presentations and for workshops—that help us consider anew today’s challenges to democracy, and offer better visions of the democratic future. You can read about the thematic focus we are aiming for in detail here. We are open to proposals from anyone—scholars, election officials, journalists, activists, NGOs, governments of all levels, businesses, and everyday people.

We are particularly interested in proposals that get at the intersection of representative democracy and direct democracy. How can these different processes be integrated successfully? Another major focus of the 2023 Global Forum is the infrastructure for democracy—how can we best design public and independent institutions, digital tools, and NGOS that support citizen participation and build trust in democracy?


The deadline has been extended to November 14.

The Global Forum program will include a two-day pre-tour in Mexico City and surroundings, Feb 27-28. Plenary panels, workshops, and keynotes will be conducted over four-days of the formal Forum, March 1-4.

  • Workshops: During the forum, we plan a total of 11 spots for parallel workshops, presentations and other kinds of contributions, so please send us your ideas and proposals, as soon as possible but no later than November 7 using our online form.
  • Academic papers/presentations: If you as a scholar want to present, contribute a scientific paper or need an academic invitation, contact us ASAP—but not later than November 14 —using our online form.
  • Cities and towns: The 2023 Global Forum is also scheduled to include a “Democracy City Summit” that looks at direct and participatory democracy at the local level. If you or your city would like to present or participate in this summit, please contact us through this form.
Send in your proposal for the Forum here


Please feel free to reach out to us on info@2023globalforum.com if you have questions. Forum registration is not yet open, but you can express your interest in joining us in Mexico City by filling out this form.

Democratically yours,
Caroline Vernaillen, Itzel Riba, Joe Mathews