Even though each democracy city follows its own path towards more democracy, a democracy city always seeks to learn from the experiences of other cities. This is why democracy cities need a global cooperation network—an International League of Democracy Cities, as was proposed at the 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.


This International League was officially established in Taipei during the 2019 Global Forum. Work is continuing on establishing activities and forms of cooperation:  including annual reporting and evaluation of democracy development; exchanges of data, tools and experiences through online and on-site meetings with other members of the network; and democracy exchange programmes between cities, for staff and citizens alike. This list of ideas for exchange and cooperation can be extended as required.

This is how you can sign the Charta and join the League

Your city is invited to participate in this global process of democracy development and exchange. We recommend that you proceed as follows:

  1. Review the 20 Democracy City Dimensions of the Magna Charta and see how many of these dimensions your city already meets, is currently working on - or has not yet considered;
  2. Register your interest in co-signing the Magna Charta and participating in the International League online, or send an email to: join@magnacharta.city
  3. Still unsure? Contact the preparatory secretariat of the League of Democracy cities, managed by Democracy International at join@magnacharta.city
  4. Registered cities will receive an official invitation by the end of August 2020 to next year's "Bern Democracy City Summit", which will take place on 1 May at the conclusion of the 2021 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy. Participation at the Bern Democracy City Summit is free of charge, however participants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.
  5. Let us know about your Democracy City activities on #Twitter under the hashtag #Cities4Citizens.