On this page you can find all practical information to join us at the Global Forum in Lucerne.

Reaching the Forum

Reaching the Forum by train

Switzerland has one of the most advanced railway systems in the world, and its train system provides easy, comfortable train rides to Lucerne. Lucerne’s rail station is located in the middle of the city, and there are various international arrivals and departures. Trains generally arrive Lucerne from Zurich, Berne, and Olten. There are also hourly trains to Lucerne from Zurich and some other cities. It takes 1.5 hours to travel from Berne and Basel and around 50 minutes from Zurich. If you are coming from Germany, connections to Basel are generally quick and practical.

For more information please visit: https://www.sbb.ch/de


Reaching the Forum by plane

There is no airport in Lucerne. Participants who would like to come to Lucerne by plane should first fly to the Zurich International Airport (ZRH), which has train connections to Lucerne. The other two alternatives to Zurich International Airport are Euro-airport Basel Mulhouse (BSL) and Airport Bern-Belp (BRN). These two alternatives also offer connections to Lucerne by train and bus.


Reaching the Forum by bus

There are few regular long-distance bus services to Lucerne. If you would like to take a bus to Lucerne, you can reach connections via Zurich from other Swiss cities such as Freiburg. Lately, Basel and Ticino offer cheap but relatively slow bus connections to Lucerne.


Reaching the Forum by car

If you would like to reach Lucerne by car from other European countries, you are quite lucky. There are some remarkable views, beautiful nature as well as reliable roads. If you are coming from outside the European Union, you may rent a car at the Zurich International Airport. From Zurich, you will first need to take the NH14 railway for Berne, then you will have to route 10 to reach Lucerne.


In Lucerne

Public Transport

Public transportation in Lucerne is stress-free and well-developed. In case you are staying in a hotel, you will get a free Visitor Card that will allow you to use public  transportation in the city centre and give you access to the public wifi.You can get almost anywhere with city buses and trams. If you don't have a visitor card, ou can obtain a ticket for up to 6 stops for 2.50 CHF, which will stay valid for half an hour. A single ticket costs around 4 CHF, and a day pass ticket 9 CHF.



There are several options for those who would like to come to Lucerne by car. If you are staying short, you may obtain a day pass for around 25 CHF, which will allow you to park in dedicated spaces. There are also garages which you can rent hourly, you can check if parking spots are available here.

Things to know before arriving


Switzerland uses the Swiss Franc, you can check the exchange rate here. In the city, most places will accept card payments, but if you are planning on travelling outside of Lucerne, it is good to have cash on hand.


Swiss power sockets and adapters

Switzerland uses a single and hexagonal power socket that has three holes. It is compatible with the standardized Europlug. To use appliances with type E and type F plugs, you will need a special adapter. 



Public WiFi is available throughout Lucerne. If you are staying in a hotel you will receive a free access code through them.


Information on COVID-19 in Switzerland

Starting from 17 February 2022, all restrictions when entering Switzerland have been lifted. Travellers who would like to visit Switzerland no longer need to present proof of vaccination or negative tests. Travellers also do not need to show recovery certificates upon entry. Wearing a mask on the outside of ship decks is not obligatory. However, everybody is still obliged to take personal measurements and use a protective mask when entering public spaces in Switzerland.

Please be aware that this information may become outdated and the latest correct information can always be found on the Swiss . In order to verify what precautions apply to your individual case, you can use the official Travel Check website.


Top 10 things to do in Lucerne

  1. Trip to the Mount Pilatus
  2. Wandering around the Old Town
  3. Visiting Swiss Museum of Transport
  4. Exploring Lake Lucerne by boat
  5. Visiting Löwendenkmal (Lion Monument)
  6. Visiting Museum Sammlung Rosengart
  7. Crossing Kapellbrücke
  8. Visiting Bourbaki Museum
  9. Visiting Glacier Garden
  10. Hiking on Mount Rigi

For more ideas, you can visit the Tourist Bureau at Zentralstrasse 5, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland.