The Global Forum on Direct Democracy will be held in various locations which are located in the city centre of Lucerne.

Forum Venues

Historical Arch in front of the Main Station

On Wednesday we will meet at the historical arch in front of the main station for the start of our democracy walking tour of Lucerne.



Formerly built as a swimming pool, The Neubad now functions as an atelier where artists display their works to the public. Most sessions on Thursday will be held at the Neubad.

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Laboratorium Luzern

Several sessions on Thursday will take place in the Laboratorium Luzern, a public workspace that offers a wide range of solutions to people who would like to work with their colleagues and present their ideas. It is non-partisan, self-organized and privately funded, and open for everybody.

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University of Lucerne

The opening event as well as the sessions on Saturday will take place at the University of Lucerne. Established in 2000, the University of Lucerne is a small public university that has gained an international reputation. The university offers an attractive range of study programs including law, economics, and medicine.

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Rathaus Luzern

Indebted to the Italian Renaissance style, Rathaus (Town Hall) Lucerne is one of the most beautiful buildings in Lucerne. Rathaus is located in the old town and is frequently used as an exhibition hall and concert hall. On Saturday the Democracy City Summit will take place at the Rathaus.

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Marianischer Saal

On Sunday morning, we will gather in the historic Marianischen Saal, to learn about the Swiss voting day, watch the first polls and analyse the results.


OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy & European Public Sphere

The OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy travels through Germany and Europe with the aim of introducing direct democracy at the federal level, or reforming it where it already exists. The European Public Sphere provides an open space for discussion on the future of Europe under its Europe Dome in public places. You can visit both projects during the Forum.