You're interested in becoming a part of our Democracy Camp 2024?

Register here to join your country delegation and meet the other 59 exciting young Europeans in Bucharest and Ploiești from 31 July to 4 August or already during the planning meeting at the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy 2024 from 15-18 May in Bucharest.

Please note: It is not possible to only take place in the planning meeting without attending the Democracy Camp so please make sure that you're available for both if you also sign up for the planning meeting.

In order for us to best prepare your stay, please don't forget to add your information about allergies, food preferences and all the other needed information. The questions with an asterisk are mandatory, all other questions are optional but help us to achieve e.g. a gender balance within our group.

After your registration, we/ your country coordinator will contact you with further information. 

We can't wait for five days of fun, exchange, and participation!

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