23 September 2020
ONLINE FORUM - The Challenges of elections and direct democracy in Mexico in times of COVID-19
  Mexico City, MX Debate


20:00 - 21:30 CEST / 13:00-14h30 CDT / Track 4: Democracy in Crisis

Mexican experts will present how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the development of relevant and emerging issues of the elections and direct democracy mechanisms in Mexico, such as the political participation of women and indigenous communities, along with the challenges for holding plebiscites and other instruments of citizen participation.

Panel in Spanish and English

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  • Claudia Zavala
    Electoral Counselor of the National Electoral Institute.
  • Bernardo Valle Monroy
    Electoral Counselor of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City
  • Rita Bell López
    Counselor President of the Indigenous Regulatory Systems Commission
  • Arturo Meraz
    President Counselor of the Electoral Institute of Chihuahua
  • Carlos Chávez
    Moderator - Professor and Researcher at the UAM. Specialist in issues of Citizen Participation and the third sector


Mexico City


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