21 September 2020
ONLINE FORUM - Swiss Direct Democracy in Practice: Tools, Issues, Campaigns and Votes
  Bern, CH Seminar


 14:00 - 15:30 CEST / Track 1:  Swiss Direct Democracy in Practice

Switzerland has developed one of the world's most vibrant and robust participatory and direct democracies. On September 27, the eligible citizens of the Alpine Republic will decide on important issues regarding Europe, security, hunting, parental leave and child care.

Together with Bern University political scientist Giada Gianola, we kick off the Online Global Forum with a briefing on key aspects of modern direct democracy in Switzerland including the tools of initiative and referendum available and how often they are used, the mayor issues subject to direct democratic agenda-setting and decision-making including the main stakeholders in campaigns and how the pandemic is influencing this very public way of political involvement ahead of the September 27 voting day. 

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  • Giada Gianola
    Doctoral student at Année Politique Suisse in the context of the SNSF project «Digital Democratic Innovations to Empower Citizens in the Digital Age» (NRP 77).
  • Bruno Kaufmann
    Co-President of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
    Profile on this website: 




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