24 September 2020
ONLINE FORUM - Towards the 2021 Democracy City Summit in Bern, Switzerland
  Bern, CH Seminar


14:00 - 15:30 CEST / Track 1:  Swiss Direct Democracy in Practice

Cities have become the focal point in dealing with global crises on health, the climate and human rights. On the local level, governments are pioneering participatory and direct democratic tools. Local efforts are essential to counter populistic and autocratic attempts to reverse fundamental human rights. The next Global Democracy City Summit in Bern, Switzerland will offer an opportunity for leading democracy cities around the world to share, care, exchange and develop key dimensions of local democracy.

This panel will feature representatives from the host city of Bern and the city of Helsinki, which have developed comprehensive ways of bringing in their citizens locally. We will also meet and learn about two major initiatives to support these local democracy efforts: the European Capital of Democracy project and the Open Government City initiative.

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  • Claude Longchamps
    Historian and political scientist
  • Helfried Carl
    "Innovation Politics Institute, Co-Founder of the European Capital of Democracy Initiative
  • Anu Markkola
    City of Helsinki
  • José Maria Marín
    Senior Program Officer Open Government Partnership
  • Bruno Kaufmann
    Moderator - Co-President Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
    Profile on this website: 
  • Joe Mathews
    Co-President Global Forum and Co-Drafter of the Magna Charta of an international league of Democracy Cities
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