26 September 2020
ONLINE FORUM - WS 1: From the streets to the Constitution : Introducing the RIC in France
  Nationwide, FR Seminar


OPEN SPACE WORKSHOP 1 / 14:00 - 16:00 CEST / Track 1: Swiss Direct Democracy in Practice

On November 19, the Yellow Vests movement visibly put the issue of the implementation of initiative and referendum back into the political agenda in France.  Protests gathered thousands of people in the streets during more than six months and despite the use of an unprecedented repressive arsenal by the French police and a refusal of the French government to even consider the request. Following this impetus, the demand for a RIC took various forms and was present in the European and municipal elections debates in France. In several French municipalities, wild (illegal) RIC have been recurrently implemented. This roundtable will present the state of the French debate about the RIC, the various strategies used by the groups defending it and the next steps planned to introduce the RIC in the French constitution.


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  • Dr Clara Egger
    Assistant Professor in international relations, RUG (NL) Mouvement pour le Dauphiné Démocratique
  • Prof Dr Raul Magni Berton
    Professor of political science, Institut de Recherche Territoires Démocratiques
  • Léo Girod
    Article 3 et Clic-Ric
  • Hakim Loewe
    Objectif RIC
  • Daniel Vienne
    Faites des RIC