Due to the postponement of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to 28 April - 1 May 2021, the call for proposals for workshops or academic presentations at the 2021 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Bern, Switzerland has been reopened. If you would like to contribute something or need an academic invitation, please fill in the form below.

At this year's Forum, we want to explore the practice and future of modern direct democracy - in the worldwide hot bed of initiatives and referendums: Switzerland.

The Global Forum programme will include a two-day pre-tour in Bern and surroundings, a three-day main conference programme, and a concluding “Bern Democracy City Summit.”

This year, the Global Forum will have several thematic tracks including [1] The Swiss Direct Democracy practice in a global context, [2] Youth power in the times of climate change, [3] Citizens’ Assemblies to support democracy, [4] E-Voting and technology in modern democracy and [5] Global direct democracy via tools for transnational citizens participation.


Send us your proposals for the 2021 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy


Workshops: During the forum, we will have a total of four slots for parallel workshops, presentations and other kinds of contributions - so please send us your ideas and proposals, which need to cover one of the five tracks mentioned above, as soon as possible but no later than September 15 using our online form.

Academic papers: If you as a scholar want to contribute a scientific paper or need an academic invitation, contact us ASAP—but not later than 15 September— using our online form. Again your paper needs to be within this year’s five thematic tracks.